artist and photographer,
Oslo / Gothenburg

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︎    NEJD Magasin

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MFA degree solo show, at White Box, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, March 10th – 19th 2023.

“A ray of light is sent from the Apache Point Observatory on Earth towards the Moon, on the face of the moon the light hits a mirror and is then reflected back to the Earth. By measuring the time that the ray of lights needs to travel forth and back through dark space, it’s possible to determine the distance between the two celestial bodies. With this information we can learn more about Earth’s own movement, position and gravitational properties.

For the human child, being mirrored by a caregiver is crucial for their psychological development. In the face of their caregiver the child has the opportunity to see their own emotions reflected back, and through this gain an understanding of themselves, both as separated individuals and as parts of a relational whole.”

Digital projection, 16mm film projection loop, graphite rubbings, risograph prints, mirror, publication.
Self-titled, digital projection (only light source in the exhibition, placed so that visitors threw a shadow on the wall when stepping into the gallery). 

Mathew’s Head and Hands, risograph printed photograph, 29,7 x 21cm, edition: 2 221 (visitors were welcome to take a copy).

see I what see You, You see what I see, 16mm film loop (00:43 seconds, shot with prepared 16mm camera), 16mm projector, cast tin object.

Cousins, graphite rubbings of found photo collage, 42 x 52cm each.

Hellogoodbye, mirror (placed so that the visitors met their own eye when they exited the gallery).

Exhibition publication, xerox print and handmade rubbing on 90g uncoated paper, stapled, 105 x 210mm, 24 pages.