artist and photographer,
Oslo / Gothenburg

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An attempt at making the editorial process of the publication NEJD Magasin into a spatial and curatorial one. Created and produced together with David Eng, around themes of repetetive acts, reiterations and collecting. At 3e Våningen, Gothenburg, January 29th – February 19th 2022.

Gesamtkunsverk / immersive spatial installation, consisting of artist built wall structure, found objects and individual works (sculpture, drawing, photography, video, sound and performance) by artists Johan Andrén, Ingvild Bertelsen, Vilde Blom, David Eng, Hanna Larsson, Longest Night (Anna Ehrlemark and Mileta Mijatovic) and Anton Josephson.

Wall left, David Eng: Fast Moving Cars I, collage, resin, wood, 2022. 
Wall right, Anton Josephson: Moss 1:1, ballpointpen on paper, Anton Josephson, 2021. 
Floor left, Johan Andrén: Förfäders fornlämningar förbryllar forskare, found objects, 2022.
Floor right, Vilde Blom: Leaking Lumps, cast hard candy, 2022.

Johan Andrén and David Eng: Image Correspondence, found images, 2021 – ongoing.

Johan Andrén: CITYGROSS, 64 xerox prints on recycled paper, wallpaper glue, 200 x 300cm, 2022.

Longest Night: Ingenting går upp mot gamla Skåne, screen print and painting on gigantic t-shirt, 2022.

Floor, Vilde Blom: Leaking Lumps, cast hard candy, 2022.
Wall right, Anton Josephson: Grass section 1:1, graphite on paper, 2021. 

Ingvild Bertelsen: Imposter Phenomenon and other Lies I (still) tell myself, performance/video installation, 2022. 

David Eng: Fragment from forntid och fornminnen, collage, 2021.

Foreground, Hanna Larsson: Root V, natural dyed textile, metal, plastic wire, 2021. 

David Eng: detail of Hörbarhet: trea, prepared reel-to-reel player, 2022.

Anton Josephson: Tree, 1:1 and Deer, 2:1, ballpoint pen on paper, 2021.  

Foreground, Johan Andrén and David Eng: Katalog, slide projector, IKEA bag, found images, 2022.

Charlotte Malmenholt: A Collective Effort, sound loop, condoms, honey, tying wire, 2022.

Johan Andrén: One and Three Skulls, found newspaper clipping, 2022.