artist and photographer,
based in Oslo, Norway


︎    commissioned photography

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︎            Artist and photographer. Born 1991 in Sweden, living and working in Oslo, Norway.
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︎            (+46) 076 102 91 71


2021—2023     Master of Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2017     The Expanded Field of the Publication, HDK/Valand Academy
2017     Writing as Artistic Tool, HDK
2014—2017     BFA in Photography, Valand Academy
2016 (autumn)     exchange semester at Iceland Academy of Arts
2016 (summer)     "Thinking is a kind of movement, like dancing or shaking a fist", workshop with Annika Larsson, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
2012—2013     Foundation year in Photography, Gamleby Fotoskola


2021     Duo exhibition with Vilde Blom, Macken, Malmö
2021     Among Other Things, Galleri Format, Malmö 
2020     Den här ytan är viktig för berättelsen, with Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard, NEJD, Gothenburg
2020     Catalogue of Gestures of Power, Third Iteration, by Slåpåkunst at Sosiologisk Poliklinikk, Trondheim, Norway
2017     THINGS ARE NOT JUST THINGS!, Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway
2017     My hands are literally shaking, Galleri 54 Peepshow, Gothenburg
2016     A Glass, a Mirror, a Pair of Glasses, Galleri Rotor2, Gothenburg
2015     Regarding Meaning, with Ingvild Davidsen and Sebastián Cruz, Galleri Rotor2, Gothenburg
2015     Hjärtligt Välkomna, exhibition and book release in collaboration with Isa Andersson and Kristofer Gullard Lindgren, Kulturhuset, Stockholm


2020     Upplaga 3—helg för självpublikation, NEJD, Gothenburg
2020     Le Book Club, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway
2019     HANDS UP!, Galleri Blunk, Trondheim, Norway
2019     Upplaga 2—afton för självpublikation, NEJD, Gothenburg
2019     Rising Action, Klimax, Stockholm
2019     Konstrukt, NEJD, Gothenburg
2018     Upplaga 1—afton för självpublikation, NEJD, Gothenburg
2017     Opening of NEJD, NEJD, Gothenburg
2017     The Absence of Something is Not Enough (BFA exam show), Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg
2017     How to Make a Hug, Gallery Rotor2, Gothenburg
2016     The Waiting Room, Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland
2016     My Hands are Literally Shaking, Umeå
2016     Formerly Known As, A-venue, Gothenburg
2015     CREATION COLLECTION CURATION, Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg
2015     Story on Story (GIBCA Extended), Alingsås Museum, Alingsås
2015     take two (Copenhagen Photo Festival), Galleri Krebsen, Copenhagen
2014     Today’s Pop-Up Show, Gothenburg
2014     ARCHIVE / ME, Gallery Entrance, Gothenburg
2014     B.Y.O.B., Konsthallen, Gothenburg
2013     En evighet, en kort sekund, Gamleby


2020     Like a mirror, like the still surface of the sea, like no thing at all, self-published artist book
2020     NEJD Magasin NR2 "NEJD blickar mot rymden", edited and art directed together with David Eng
2020     Korrespondens / Den här ytan är viktig för berättelsen, self-published artist book in collaboration with Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard
2019     Nånting om fotografi, self-published artist book
2019     NEJD Magasin NR1 "NEJD publicerar tidning", edited and art directed together with David Eng
2018     Månen speglar sig inte två gånger i samma flod, self-published artist book
2017     Work published in New Magazine, Shape Issue
2015     Hjärtligt Välkomna, self-published photobook in collaboration with Isa Andersson and Kristofer Gullard Lindgren
2015     Work published in Valand Academy Yearbook
2013     Pangea, self-puplished artist book, together with the class at Gamleby Fotoskola


2021     Public art commission by Kalmar Region, for the ambulance station in Ålem, Småland
2020     K-pengar, KulturUngdom
2020     One year working grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2020     Two months residency at LKV, Norway
2019     Travel grant, IASPIS
2019     Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
2019     Wilhelm & Martina Lundgrens stiftelser
2018     Two week residency at artist run space Tomma Rum, Sweden
2017     K-pengar, KulturUngdom
2016     Travel grant, Adlerbertska Foundations
2016     K-pengar, KulturUngdom
2014     Kulturstöd för unga, Stockholms stad


2017—2020    One of two founders and one of four artists running NEJD, independent art collective and gallery/music scene in Gothenburg